eina (quotata) wrote in fantaisiste,

Talia: bored...

I laid in bed, staring intently at my ceiling, wishing that at least one spider would come crawling onto that white board of webbing area. I wanted to study something instead of thinking so much about my life, past, present. Especially what went on downstairs last night.
Breathing a sigh of frustration a turned my eyes to the digital alarm clock glowing red in the dim room. 6:00am. I had at least another two hours before i could get up and prepare to go search for my new car with Scar. If time would only move at my will.
Out of patience I got up and opened the curtains, squinting at the rising sun and it's streaming light. Still in my night clothes, I clambered onto the window seat then openeing the window, letting the wind sweep my uncombed hair back and out of my face.
I simply love the taste of freedom.
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