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Talia: The Car...

I must of been paying attention a lot more this time, hey considering that he was a man in his late forties what did you expect me to do?

The price seemed reasonable. $47,600 for a automatic, power steering, power windows, cd player, a/c. Light grey interior, a nice black coupe. It would do nicely, quite nicely. Especially the turbo four-wheel drive GT-4.

Bill had left us for a while to consider the choices and Scar and I has started browsing though the "rack".
"So what do you think, Scar? The Toyota Celica... the hot little black one of course."
Scar looked at me, decidedly relieved to a certain extent.
"Well, it is quite...cute." she mused, "as long as you like it, Talia."
I laughed in to those reflective sunglasses she had on, "I know it's not a limited release, silver, lamborghini murceilargo, but it will do for my plans."
I turned back to the shiny black vehicle and stroked the body, "It'd do nicely..."
I heard my friend laugh, "you sounded almost evil when you said that."
I glaced back at her with my hair draping over the hood of my new car, showing her my seductive ways.
"I have masterful plans for this baby."
"Yes, I'm sure you have," and Scar grins back.

"So, ladies do we have a deal? You seemed to have taken a great liking to that car Miss Sterne."
I twinkle with innocent laughter, "indeed I have, indeed I have. Lets do some paper work shall we, Bill?"
"This way then. So glad you found a car you liked."
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