saffron. (viennawaltzing) wrote in fantaisiste,

it's snowing outside and i don't know what do, or who to call

I think I'm paralysed. Shit. I'm in shock and my fingers, my skin, everything is numb. I can't think. Fuck.

I'm so worried, and that sounds so inane. Of course I'm worried. I couldn't be anything but worried. He might not make it, he might have something amputated...he might die.

Let's start from the beginning. I can be calm. See? I just drank all the coffee the nurses gave me. I'll be ok. And maybe if I can learn to pray, he'll be ok to. Please, please, let him be ok. Maybe if I sleep, it'll all be a dream. Just some bloodthirsty nightmare.

We left Sydney a day ago, and caught the plane to Italy. We both decided to come for a short visit. He's studying architecture, I'm studying art. Europe was the perfect destination. I rang Aish to tell her, and she was cool with it. Seemed so distracted, something wrong with her family. I thought she just meant the family. Shit. I'm never going to take Aish's words at face-value again. But she said she could arrange accommodations for us, pull some strings. All I knew was that her parents are quite rich and influential in Venice.

I knew something was wrong when we got to the airport there. Aside from the fact that we were completely confused because neither of us understand a word of Italian, I just felt...wrong. I called Aish and she told me to get a bus or taxi and meet her at the hotel. Hayden had a cold and the weather was chilly, so we decided to catch a taxi.

All the way to the Hotel, there was another car tailing us. I know it sounds like something out of a bad spy movie, but that's the truth. What happened to us after is even more fantastic and horrific. I knew there was definitely something wrong when the Taxi stopped in a back alleyway, forcing us to walk and cross a major street. The curb was packed and whilst waiting for the light to change I felt someone push me.

The police don't believe me, but I know someone pushed me out onto the street, shoved Hayden out with me. Right into the path of an oncoming brute of a car that was coming straight at us. I rolled, Hayden wasn't so lucky.

Oh, sweet Jesus. They just told me he's going to be ok. He broke a couple of ribs, his collarbone and his leg and has some minor internal bleeding, but aside from that he's fine. How many Hail Mary's should I say from this blessing? I don't know, maybe I should join a church first.

I'm waiting for Aish to get here. She told me she'd be over straight way, and sent over some bodyguards. I'm really suspicious now, but she won't, can't explain. Something to do with her Family again. Why US? We have nothing to do with her family. Nothing at all. Fuck this, she's telling me everything.
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