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Stained Scarlet

Scarlett: These petty games we play

It's so strange. Life is so unbalanced; sometimes nothing happens at all, and then suddenly everything is occuring and you feel like you're drowning, like it's so hard to keep up. Things in Italy seem to have reached fever-pitch according to the Organisation reports. I'm a bit worried for Aisha over there, it looks like a major Family war is unfolding. And Sloane's in that region too, which isn't too good safety-wise. I really want to talk to them. The Organisation is a bit anxious, Liam and David are being sent over there. I know that they're excelllent at what they do, but I'm worried all the same. Dave broke up with Josh. I don't like how he's going on a dangerous mission right after because I know Dave wouldn't say much and just keep everything bottled up inside. If anything distracts him, well, second chances are rare indeed when the ammunition is live.

And then there's the Tony thing. I'm getting a bit more worried with each day now. I have a hand-shaped bruise on my shoulder from when he grabbed me and pushed me onto the sofa last time we fought. God, it was just over how much time I spend with Leo at L'oscurita. I mean, Aisha asked me to watch out for them both...although I have to admit I haven't explained just what Leo means to me to Tony yet. He might understand better if I did. But I'm not so sure even about that. But the thing is, the next day Tony saw the bruise and couldn't believe what he had done, and was so apologetic. He gave me an amazing massage and kissed it better and all. Was so sweet and caring, made me feel like a princess again. I don't get him. Some days, he just freezes me out, ignoring me or being dismissive. Then on other days, he's so loving and wonderful all over again. It's more than just moodyness...and it's starting to scare me. But I'm not giving up on us. I can take care of myself, I know I can. Why do I need to keep on reminding myself of that fact?

Getting away from all my personal bullshit, I actually made some progess with regards to my scroll assignment for O. Went to see a professor of languages who has done translation work for me before. Unfortunately, he couldn't actually translate the scrolls properly since his area of expertise is in ancient European lauguages. But he does know some old Asian text, and when I showed him the scroll, he actually spilt his cup of coffee down his beard and went bright red. And let me tell you, it takes a lot to phase this old man. He sat there muttering for a few moments, and wiped his glasses repeatedly before telling me the language was to complex for his skills. He did mention the subject matter is rather...graphic though.

Luckly, he knows of this lady who might be able to help me. He gave me the name of the store where she's working part time. Apparently she's mute but very adept with communicating through written notes or through this lady who can translate for her. I'll make an appointment and pay her a visit later in the week. Finally, progress. Whee.

I've missed seeing Mona around. The house next door is now empty, which I really don't like. Poses a security threat to our house. I wish I knew where Mona is now, I'd like to know how she is. Ah well, I'm sure we'll bump into each other soon. I think she's in Rory's band, so at least I some idea she's still around.
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