Stained Scarlet (scarletise) wrote in fantaisiste,
Stained Scarlet

Scarlett: The show's not over till the fat lady sings

Sloane and I went to see Don Giovanni last night. It was excellent. But more interestingly, during the intermission when we went outside for champagne and canapes, I ran into the last person I'd expect to see there. The Italian-looking cop with the hot voice; from when I was nearly arrested. Talk about coinsidence.

Anyhow, he was there with his [you won't believe this] mother. Apparently, she insists all her kids bring her out once a month each, and tonight was his turn. He looked please to evade her during the break though. Sloane was off getting a refill of her drink when he came over. He told me he remembered me, continuing that his name was Antony, though Tony to his friends. I told him my name and we talked for a while. He seemed nice enough and far from an uptight career cop...okok, to be honest; he's damn charismatic and I was charmed. We parted with each other's phone numbers and his promise to call. I won't be waiting by my phone though.

*yawns* Am so tired. And my shoulders are very very sore. I need to get to work on those translations of the scrolls. I have one contact, but he's an expert on European lauguages rather than Asian ones. But he may be able to manage, or he'd hopefully know someone who could.
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