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Attemped murder ...

I feel so fucking guilty. I feel as though this is entirely my fault. I honestly believed that all this shit would be sorted out before Sin and Hayden got here. I never thought anything like this would happen. Oh god … what if he hadn’t made it? Fuck.

I was at my house when I got the phone call from Sin. She was obviously trying not to cry and though I couldn’t understand a word she said through her tears, I eventually made out that Hayden was in serious condition in the hospital.

When I got the phone call, I just froze up. She kept asking me why. Why didn’t I tell her? Why the fuck didn’t I tell her what was happening, give her some warning at least? I wish I could have told her. Told her not to ring me. It was too dangerous. It was like being caught up in one of those Hollywood action movies only this was reality. People were dying left and right. No one could leave their houses. All forms of communications were being tapped. It was just too fucking dangerous.

Thank god for Anton. He’s been an angel in the last few weeks. He rang Antonio and asked him to send a troop of bodyguards to the hospital and then drove us to the hospital. We drove in his car, less chance of us being recognised this way. The whole trip I stared out the window, wondering what I had gotten us all into. At least the Leo, Scar and Josh are safely back in Sydney (or so I hope).

I entered the building, pulling myself together. As soon as I spotted Sin I almost stepped back in shock. Her usually composed face was ghostly pale and streaked with tears. She pulled me into a tight hug and she cried onto my shoulder. I almost started crying as well; Sin never cried and she sure as hell never hugged anyone.

We sat down and her tears slowly subsided. I glanced over her shoulder to look at Anton who was talking to the doctor. He smiled reassuringly at me and gestured for me to get Sin something to eat. I persuaded her to take a walk with me and directed her to the hospital cafeteria.

Suddenly gunshots rang out. I instinctively pulled out my ankle holster and pulled Sin behind me as we slowly made our way towards the source of the noise. My heart started to pound as the nearer we got to the ICU Hayden was in, the clearer the noise became. I could hear shouting and the suddenly … silence.

We turned the corner to see the four bodyguards and Anton all training their guns on one single man. The man was slumped against the wall, blood seeping from a gun wound on his head. They lowered their guns and after a moment’s hesitation, I did too. He was dead.

Anton explained that a man, presumably a hired assassin, had entered the hospital room undetected and was about to start injecting poison into the drip that was connected to Hayden when a bodyguard has opened the door to check up on Hayden. A shooting war had broken out and even though it was four against one, it took a few shots before Anton has been able to wound him.

Things had gone far enough. It was time to leave. Besides, whoever had hired the man would now have Anton on his/her hit list.

Sin seems to be taking it well. Too well. She was shocked and fear showed on her face when the news registered. She ran into the ward that Hayden had been moved into and didn’t come out for quite awhile. When she did, she had a look of determination and suppressed anger. I wasn’t too surprised. I didn’t blame her.

I’ve arranged Hayden to be transferred to a smaller, more private hospital, now that his condition has been stabilised. I took Sin to the safe house and made her get some rest. Anton’s reserved tickets for Anna, Sin, Hayden, himself and I to go to France but we’ve been put on the waiting list. It’ll take a few days, but I don’t doubt that in a few days, we’ll have escaped the Family war.

And not a moment too soon.
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